Wash and Dry

- Warm Water Bath
- Shampoo and conditional
- Tower dry
- Blow dry
- Full Body Brush
Additional services

Teeth Brush                             

Ear clean                                 

Nail clip (no appointment required)  

Nail file                                    

Medicated shampoo               

Flea Wash                                Sensitive shampoo                  ​

Wash and Dry

We will bathe your dog, blow dry and trim hygiene area, this is perfect for short hair dogs or when you simply feel lazy to bathe your dog at home.

Bath and Tidy Up

This is perfect for the in between full grooms, or for low maintenance dog breeds.

We will bathe your dog and tidy up the face, feet and hygiene area, and nails are trimmed.

Full Grooming

This is the most popular choice for the dog owners.

In addition to all the services we provide in the Bath and Tidy Up, we will clip in between the paw pads and treat tear stain, and then perform a full body clip to your chosen length, and style the face and tail to meet your request. 

Premium Styling

(Hand scissoring)

Our Premium styling grooming is aim to achieve a “show dog” look to tailor your required style or a breed specific look.

The term "hand scissoring" refers to a technique within the grooming industry that is a detailed cut / groom with only the use of shears. This process allows a groomer to create a more sculpted groom,dependent on coat type, texture and condition.

A small amount of clipper use might be combined with scissoring for some looks.

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